Details make the difference

Excellence4Lab offers a wealth of experience providing clients with premium-quality products, efficient logistics and services and local presence all over the world. We recognize your needs, understand your pressures and we will save you time. Talk to us once – and we will give you the very best of four worlds:

  • asecos is the leading European manufacturer of safety storage cabinets for flammable liquids. We offer more than 3.000 technical solutions for storage, handling, safe transportation and ventilation of hazardous materials.
  • TRESPA International BV specializes in high quality panel material. Trespa has both the expertise and the means to develop products for specific segments of the market. Trespa TopLabPLUS panels meet the requirements of most laboratories while at the same time bringing a range of additional benefits.
  • BROEN-LAB develops, manufactures and delivers complete range of fittings for professional laboratories as well as a complete range of emergency showers complying with the European Committee Standardization requirements DS/EN 15154 1 and 2.